Events System Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BasePolicy< T >This class represents all of the policies in this sub system
EventsSystem::Interfaces::ComplexElementComplexElement, unlike SimpleElement is a class that must have child nodes
EventsSystem::Interfaces::ElementElement is the base class of the tree
EventsSystem::Events::Event< ConstructionPolicy, DestructionPolicy >This class provides the basic interface for all of the events
EventsSystem::Policies::EventDestructionPolicyThe default destruction policy for events
EventsSystem::Events::Handlers::Handler< HandlerIdList, TargetType, SourceType >This class provides the basic interface for all of the handlers
EventsSystem::Events::Handlers::Handler< HandlerIdList, TargetType, void >
EventsSystem::Events::Handlers::Handler< HandlerIdList, void, void >
EventsSystem::Signals::Signal< SourceType >
EventsSystem::Interfaces::SimpleElement< bIsSimple >SimpleElement is a class that doesn't have any child nodes

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